Design of smart socket for monitoring of IoT-based intelligent smart energy management system

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Smart socket is designed for collecting and sending the data from the various nodes in one field to other fields. Smart socket consists of the Arduino_Uno, XBee, sensors, gateway, computer, USB, and IDE. This works emphasis on design and development of smart socket with wireless capability, this can be used to collect the data from each electrical device by using sensors. An XBee transmitter and receiver node are used for data communication in wireless networks. Real-time data gathered at the central node can be used to prioritize and schedule the appliances. Then, the system analyzes the data to generate control commands to turn the devices attached to the smart socket on or off. This paper presents the operation and functions of smart socket in different sensor network topologies. The results show that the proposed smart socket can correctly read the data from the various nodes and also send it to different nodes of different parameters.
A smart socket is the hardware device in an electrical system. A smart socket reads the power utilization of any appliance close to it. The data transmitted in real-time into the main controller to operate as inputs to the management algorithm. The socket can control the attached electrical device by turning it on or off. Figure 1 shows the design of the smart socket
En: Sekhar, G.C., Behera, H.S., Nayak, J., Naik, B., Pelusi, D. (eds). Intelligent Computing in Control and Communication. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 702. Singapore: Springer, 2021. p. 503–518
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