Scale E-portfolio for Higher Education

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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the integration of technologies in education accelerated. In this context, the Digital Portfolio is presented as a tool with characteristics that allow the development of various skills. Thus, the objective of this research was i) Design a scale to measure the usefulness of developing a digital portfolio in Education from the curricular, communicative, and informative aspects. In addition, ii) Validate the proposed scale by applying exploratory factor analysis. The design was instrumental and 271 Higher Education students participated. The scale was designed based on the literature review and validation was carried out by expert judges and cognitive interviews. The results indicate adequate validity and reliability indices; being made up of 22 items represented in 3 factors: 1) Development of Curricular Aspects, 2) Digital Communication, 3) Development of Digital Information. It is concluded that the scale can be useful to measure and make visible the characteristics and pedagogical potential of digital portfolios in Higher Education.
Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, Vol. 23, N° 3 (2023) p. 188-194
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