Applying multi-criteria analysis in a port system

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This work presents a study developed in a medium port system composed of 50 public and private actors interacting with their macro-environment, which can generate strategic synergistic relationships. In order to determine these synergistic links between their components, the strategic phrases contained in their missions are analysed and classified according to the multicriteria that are part of the macro-environment of each port actor: political, economic, social, technological, environmental, risk and learning. Likewise, new characterizations and classifications are proposed for groups and sub-groups of port actors. From absolute frequencies, Contingency Tables and the Chi-square test, quantitative results are obtained, which show the potential cases of strategic synergistic relations in the port system and the behavior of each group and sub-group of actors, as well as dependence / independence between every pair of criteria. Finally, it is verified that it is possible to use quantitative methods to analyze the strategic synergistic relationships between the actors of the port system.
Procedia Computer Science Volume 122, 2017: p. 478-485
Multi-criteria, Strategic Information, Statistical Analysis, Port System
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