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      Spontaneous Breathing Promotes Lung Injury in an Experimental Model of Alveolar Collapse 

      Bachmann, María Consuelo; Cruces, Pablo; Díaz, Franco; Oviedo, Vanessa; Goich, Mariela; Fuenzalida, José; Damiani, Luis Felipe; Basoalto, Roque; Jalil, Yorschua; Carpio, David; Hamidi Vadeghani, Niki; Cornejo, Rodrigo; Rovegno, Maximiliano; Bugedo, Guillermo; Bruhn, Alejandro; Retamal, Jaime (Nature Research, 2022)
      Vigorous spontaneous breathing has emerged as a promotor of lung damage in acute lung injury, an entity known as “patient self-inflicted lung injury”. Mechanical ventilation may prevent this second injury by decreasing ...